-Team Manager-Administration/Finances-
Kevin E. Saddi

The suspension component ensures that the vehicle has a smooth ride. This is important for the comfort of the driver and for the preservation of critical components in the vehicle.
Mohammad Ali

The chassis forms the frame upon which all of the vehicles components are attached. It offers safety to the driver in the event of a crash.
Areeb Mehmood

The composites team is researching proper carbon fiber forming and manufacturing methods. They are working with the aerodynamics team to ensure that the design is feasible.
Ryan Johnson
Email: rynjohnson@ucdavis.edu

-Data and Control-
The data team designs the controller scheme for the system of sensors and cameras on the vehicle that acquire vehicle telemetry information. They are also designing the software to display this information to the driver and supporting team. The controls team is designing the steering and braking systems for the vehicle to offer the best vehicle dynamics for the solar car.
Baotuan Nguyen

The Aerodynamics team is designing the shell contours for the solar vehicle. The team ensures that drag on the vehicle is reduced as much as possible while also containing all of the vehicles components while allowing them to function as desired.
Andrew Chuen

-Solar Array and Power-
Patrick Smith

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